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Hard Brake, Engine Stops

Hi Everyone,

I have a 2003 Ford Escort, that’s not the problem…the problem is when I’m going around 40-45 miles on a surface street and when I step on the brakes really hard for a hard stop, the car engine dies. It happens about twice a week. The engine starts off fine when I try to restart it. Do you know the cost of this? My Air Filter was just replaced a month ago, had an oil change at the same time. I was having trouble with a hole in my Master Cylinder but that was replaced also about 9 months ago. Any ideas?

Does the engine run OK otherwise? Does it idle smoothly? Any other symptoms?

If it does run fine otherwise, then there’s a good chance you’ll be moving from the master cylinder, now to the brake booster.

Although, what is the significance of the 40-45mph? Does it not do it if you are up well over 40-45? Or is it really just a matter of hard braking?

Thanks for the reply!

Yes it does run smoothly, there is no other symptons that i can tell, just that it stops, the battery’s fine also. The radio stays on and the lights too.

Thanks for the reply!

It was just an example, but at any speed when I do have to brake hard the engine does stop. It’s just the hard braking.

Given that, there is a good chance that your brake booster is failing. The car uses engine vacuum to help the brakes work - when you hit the brakes hard it is likely opening up a rather sudden and massive vacuum leak.

Check this out:

I once drove a Ford van that would die under hard acceleration. Turned out to be a loose electrical connector.

Thanks to everyone! I’m gonna have my mechanic fix this problem.