Engine dies when coming to a stop from high speed

I have a 2005 Buick Rendezvous with 90000 miles. Occasionally, when pulling off an exit from the interstate, the engine will die. It will always start right back up again, though. Any ideas?

Do you have a temp gauge? If so watch it when you pull off. I assume no lights on the dashboard give any indication of a problem. Any other problems with the car you notice?

I haven’t noticed the temperature gauge moving when this happens, but I haven’t really looked either. I’ll make sure to do that next time. You are correct that there are no warning lights. There isn’t even a code on the computer, according to my mechanic.

I haven’t had any other problems with it.

Sit at idle and give the brake a good stomp - something like the pressure you’re using when it stalls or stumbles on you. What happens?