Dodge Dakota truck hit by lightning - turns over but wont start

During a lighting storm 3 weeks ago, our 1995 Dodge Dakota, 6 cy automatic truck apparently got hit by lighting along with several other things at our house.

The truck will not start. It turns over and tries to start. My husband has already changed the computer, the alternator, checked wiring, fuses, fuel pump, and about everything he can think of. Is there something you could point him to that he might check? (There is half a tank of gas). He is a mechanic and has exhausted all of the usual rodes of repair. This is our hay truck for our miniatue donkey farm and we need it up and running. Any help, hints suggestions from everyone would be very appreciated!!!

Does it have spark? Does it have fuel pressure? One or the other or both. I’d be looking at the ignition module too. Did he use the old Prom for the computer?

If the computer is working, the MIL (check engine light) should illuminate at some point with the ignition on. Try reading the computer codes if the computer is good. It may point you towards a sensor or circuit that got fried.

all the above working.means its running.

no way he checked anything.

have a great day.

hit by lightning,does not make a difference,just a fluke.

The two basic questions are still waiting to be answered: 1. Does it have spark?; 2. Is fuel being injected into the engine?
For question two, spray some gasoline into the intake. Crank the engine. If it starts and runs a few seconds, that shows it has a fuel problem. If it still doesn’t run, even for a second, it has a spark problem.
The troubleshooting tests are in any repair manual, such as Haynes or Chilton’s.