2004 Dodge Dakota trouble starting and running

The truck had a hard time starting, turn the key over hear that it wants to, but won’t. Once getting it started, truck would drive fine, but after about 10 minutes just dies while driving. It then took 6-7 tries to get it started again, drove back like no issue. Any thoughts on what it could be? I have come up with, potential battery, fuel pump/filter, spark plugs, EEC relay, PCM, or AIS motor, O2 sensor as ideas. Just looking for opinions.

Sounds like its a fueling issue. When it dies, you need to figure out if at that moment you have any fuel in your fuel rail. There should be a pressure nipple on the rail…its akin to the valve on tires…push the pin in to see if you have fuel pressure AFTER it dies…if not …you found the issue.

The other possibility is Spark…you can test for spark at any plug after it dies also… You need to do some homework…RIGHT AFTER she dies on you…but if it runs for 10 min…My money is on a fueling issue.


Thank you for your response. There are so many choices. I hear fuel pumps go on dodge dakotas frequently.