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Dodge Charger, electrical: horn and turn signals dead

06 Charger: A moment of smoke, and then certain electrical things were dead: high beams (but not headlights), horn, turn signals (but not hazards), dashboard dials’ lights, electrical mirror adjuster. Did something short or a fuse blew? The smoke came from the electrical mirror adjustor dial by the drivers side window controls.

PS no money to fix so wondering if likely to degrade. I will drive in daytime.

Sure sounds like fuse blew. Perhaps more than one. Find the owner’s manual and look up the location of the fuse boxes. There is surely more than one. Then start checking fuses.

You’ll have to find the short circuit, which caused the fuse(s) to blow, and repair it, because otherwise it will just keep blowing fuses. I’d guess the short is in the mirror adjuster, which probably means removing the door panel for inspection.

DO NOT insert a fuse with a higher amperage rating than specified. It could cause a fire, and that would ruin your whole day.

This situation will not degrade further, but driving without turn signals? And those other functions? Not a swift idea.

Cheapest solution, hopefully: Disconnect the connector to the mirror adjustor and replace the assumed bad fuse. That may restore functionality to everything except the mirror control and you may choose to go no further.

driving without a working horn and turn signals can prove to be dangerous, and I believe may also be illegal. Cheaper to check the fuses, and find/fix whatever the root cause is. Sounds like a short, as mcparadise said.