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Dodge Caravan 1996 coolant leak

I have an engine coolant leak but not sure exactly where it is. It’s coming somewhere near where the metal coolant pipe is going into the engine, under the engine exhaust. This is the metal pipe that comes from the radiator and goes into the engine.

Is there a way I can remove this pipe to check for cracks? Or some other way to see where the leak is?

While I’m not familiar with your particular engine, the “metal pipe” you’re referring to usually depends on which radiator hose you mean. If it’s the upper radiator hose it connects to the thermostat housing, which can be removed by taking out 2 bolts. If it’s the lower radiator hose the hose usually attaches to the water pump, which can be removed by taking out lots of bolts.

In either case there will be a gasket involved.