2003 Dodge Durango coolant leak

Hello everyone,

The Dodge Durango coolant leak is coming from the right side. Is it a hose or something bigger.

You need to isolate the leak. It could be a hose or pump or gasket.

“Is it a hose or something bigger.”


One has to start with careful visual inspection. There’s no way to do that by internet. You can probably find dyes to add to coolant to assist in the visual inspection.

Are you serious???


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He asked a legitimate question

Without being able to look at the truck ourselves, we can’t tell you what’s leaking

Please crawl underneath the truck and take some pictures. And then post them


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My knee hurts. Is it a muscle or a ligament?

Seriously, take a look under the hood and see if you can tell us the general area of the leak. Using your eyes and a good light you should be able to describe the part that is leaking coolant. Then we can help you more.

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To the OP: It should be clear that we need a lot more info before we can give you even mildly intelligent advice. It could be as minor as a loose hose clamp or as major as a blown head gasket.

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