A 2006 Dodge caravan

It’s leaking antifreeze directly under the radiator before I pull out the radiator could it be something else, it’s hard to see without putting it up a lift just what else it could be like the water pump or hoses or connections stuff like that,.

Over flow tank and hose.
Upper and lower radiator hoses.
The drain valve on the radiator.

Getting it up on ramps might give you enough room to spot the leak.


Work your way from the top to the bottom and see if you find the leak. Having had a 2000 Caravan, my money is on the radiator itself. If you had recent work done on the cooling system, it could be the drain valve or one of the hoses.

Ironically, in 176000 miles of owning mine, the radiator went out twice but the hoses and clamps held up pretty well.

There should be enough room to crawl under the front bumper and see, otherwise use ramps or jack stands.

If you want to DIY, the Autozone website has good instructions on their site under car repair manuals. You might have to sign up for an account, but it is free.