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Dodge 3.5 check engine light

hi my name is karl i have 2004 chrysler intriped 3.5 i change the cam sensor a day later check engine light is on i went to check why it was on they told it is the oxgen sensor bank2 why is that happening changeing sensor after sensoe that crazy they clear the and told me if it came back i need to change the o2 sensor will i pass the emission with this problem


There’s a better place for you to post your question. You’ve posted in a forum called “The Show”, which is mainly for discussions related to callers on the radio show. You might get repair help here in this forum, but it’s less likely. Instead, post in the forum called “repair and maintenance”. Here’s how to find it: Look at the top of this page, you’ll see “topic index”…click that, then click repair and maintenance, then look for the same red box on the right for “ask a question”. That forum is focused on repair questions just like yours, with lots of skilled people sharing their expertise. I’m sure you’ll get useful help there. Good luck!