Oxygen sensor

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport?

Which one?


Your question makes for more questions. I believe you have more than one sensor and I would be interested in why you are asking.

Let me guess. You have a CEL (Check Engine Light) and the code said something about an oxygen sensor so you are planing on replacing it (them). The code does not say “replace a sensor” it says it is getting some improper data from that sensor, which might be the sensor or might be several other things.

Freddy, Which Engine ? Do You Have A 4 Cyl. (2.5L), 6 Cyl. (3.9L), 8 Cyl. (4.7L), Or 8 Cyl. (5.9L) ?


That is a well written sentence; though, it COULD use one comma in the middle. Was THAT your point?