Check Engine Light - 2004 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2004 Dodge Intrepid. When my check engine light came on a few months back, I had my mechanic check it out and he replaced the 02 sensor. After a little while, it came back on again. It would stay lit for a week or so, then go off for a week or so. I called my mechanic back. He told me that as long as it did not “start blinking” that it would be OK to not do anything at this time. It has still been staying on for a while, then off for a while, for the last few weeks. Is it indeed OK to not have my mechanic look at it again, since it is not “blinking”. Or should I take it in.


Mark, Get It Checked.

How do you know that it’s on for the same reason (O2 sensor)?

Driving with the light on prevents you from being alerted to another problem, should it arise, because the light is already on.

Also, fuel mileage could be reduced by a problem.

A blinking light means that the car should not be driven. However, disregarding a steady light can lead to problems that will cause a blinking light.

Get it checked. What if it’s just a faulty gas cap? You need to correct it and get that light off.

Letting go of problems that crop up can start to “snowball” on you and pretty soon you’ll be driving junk.

Mark maybe you should consider spending 50 bucks at Sears and go get an Actron Pocket Scan Code Reader. It will give you the raw codes illuminating the MIL and a little booklet will translate them. Also, it allows you to clear the codes and turn off the MIL.

Once you get the codes there are websites that inform you as to the possible causes to that fault. PO455 can be a large EVAP leak caused by a loose/faulty gas cap (among other things), for instance.


Thanks ! I will get it checked out.

Many (Most I think) Chrysler products have a provision to read out computer codes without a scan tool. On older models (1995 or so) you turned the ignition on-off-on-off-on without starting the car then counted blinks of the dash lights to get two digit error codes. Newer models may put a (different) set of codes up on the odometer. You may need to set the Parking Brake before doing the ignition thing or turn three times widdershins or do some other trick to get the codes. … if your Intrepid can read them out at all. You can look up how to get them on Google as easily as I can. Here’s a starting link

Once you know what the code(s) is(/are), you can work out what to do next. If it’s an EVAP code, you can try replacing the gas cap (or just the gas cap gasket if you know how to do that), before you spend some dollars and half a day of your time with a mechanic. If, on the other hand, it is say an EGR related code, you probably aren’t fixing that yourself unless you have tools, know somewhat how to use them, and have some knowledge of how an engine works.

Thanks !

Have it checked with a “decent” machine, no offence to the above but those pocket readers dont do crap but make you replace about 13 things before actually fixing the origional problem. A good machine (from a dealer etc.) can isolate different things as to eleminate the “replace it til its fixed” theory. Yes it costs more, but deffinately cheaper in the long run when you thing about it :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks. I think because my mechanic “fixed” it before and it came back on shortly after, he may not charge me as much anyway to check it out again.