Best color car paint that last the longest

What color paint should I paint my car that will not fade as fast as others?

It’s not the color so much as the surface preparation, type of paint, and how it’s applied.

You state “I paint…” my car so does this mean you’re doing it yourself or having it done?

White, properly applied, holds up the best…

It’s not the color that matters. The quality of the paint and quality of application determine its longevity. Choose whichever color you like best.

Agree with Caddyman. White, even if they use clearcoat (e.g., Mercedes, BMW) lasts the longest. I live in Sacramento where the 110F summer days and blazing sunshine are rough on paint.

1981 Toyota, white, owned 17 years, looked like new when sold
1991 Volvo wagon, White, owned 19 years, looked like new when sold
1997 BMW, White, looks perfect

Worst colors - metalics with clearcoat - dark red, dark grey, or black.

A lighter solid (non-metallic) color would be the best choice. Metallic generally is aluminum flake and will corrode when exposed to elements. Especially if not clear coated or as the clear coat begins to wear away.

How long do you plan on keeping it???

Just keep it polished and waxed and ANY color will last 10+ years.

I think lighter colors hold up better than darker colors by a bit. They also don’t show scratches and dirt as much, which is nice. Finally, my understanding is that lighter colors are easier to match when doing paint work. (On the other hand, a black car looks really great when it’s perfectly clean!)

However, I’m not a big fan of white, unlike some of the folks above. I’ve seen too many white cars that have yellowed over time.

I think color is not as important as the quality of paint job. There are $500 jobs and $5,000 (or more) jobs. Which kind are you taking about?

I vote for white with clearcoat.

White reflects all of the sun’s energy in the visual range. The darker the color, the more of that energy is absorbed rather than reflected. That energy, and the heat it creates, causes the paint to dry out and oxidize. The less of the energy that’s reflected, the less of that process goes on. The less of that process that goes on, the longer the paint lasts. Clearcoat helps too, since it’s an added layer of protection.

Having said that, any color will look good for many years of it’s kept clean and waxed. That is absolutely the single best thing you can do for a finish, no matter the color.

And, if the car is garaged in addition to being kept clean and waxed, it will still look very good many years later. I have had cars of virtually any color that you can name and they all looked showroom new–even after as many as 10 years–because they were kept clean, waxed, and garaged at night.

The only exception was my POS '74 Volvo, whose paint was totally chalked on the horizontal surfaces after only 2 years. However, at that time, I lived in a town that had a lot of industrial pollution from refineries, chemical plants, and pharma companies. I suspect that these airborne contaminants ruined the paint on that car.

What VDC says. I have a 91 CRX in Celestial Blue Pearl (yes, I am dorky enough to know the paint names of my cars) that still looks factory-fresh.

The best color is the one you really like. If you don’t like it won’t last as long since you are more apt to get rid of it.

andrew_j - YUP…It’s like when people ask “What’s the BEST exercise you can do to loose weight”.

Answer - “The one you LIKE. If you don’t like to run…then running won’t get you to loose weight because you’ll never do it.”

What color? WHITE! No question about it. But so far as the other contributors comments, preparation, quality of paint and application are also critical. White will reflect the sun better than a darker color, and I’ve found white is easy to touch-up and match. I realize that there are many shade of white, but still a little easier IMO. My old '79 POS Dodge p/u is industrial green ($10 a quart at Big Lots), rolled-on, and it looks fine, so good in fact that when I park it next to a $45,000 newbie truck at Lowes, the owners move their vehicles away so I don’t show them up! Rocketman

I said white, but I’m going to change my answer and agree with Andrew. If you have a color you like you’re more likely to take care of it, and that really is the secret.

From my experience Silver last a along time along with other light colors. It seems darker colors in hot climate tend to not last as long, as the clear coat seems to blister over time and flake off from the heat.

Millions of commercial vans are painted White. There is a reason…20 years later, the paint still looks pretty good…Of course, I live in Mexico for much of the year and a dark painted vehicle turns into a solar oven. A black Suburban might as well not even HAVE air-conditioning, even dual air conditioning, F&R…It’s a whole different ball-game down south…

The silver paint on my 94 still looks like new, except on a few plastic pieces, like the side mirror housings, where it’s chipped a bit.

Sure, white might reflect light good, but not as good as this: