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Do you have cars that are the same color?

In purchasing multiple vehicles, it really doesn’t matter to me if the cars are of the same color or not. However, when I used to have a horse and was thinking about purchasing another horse, I wanted a horse of a different color.

Just depends what looks good on a particular car.

That much is certain. There are cars where red is the perfect color for it, even if you desire a different color. Others, like Mercedes or Lincoln, looks good in black. There is, however, a color that one might not think is that good to begin with, but I’ve seen a few vehicles that the light/icy blue color fits the car good.

I had two Toyotas, an '89 pickup and a '91 Camry, both in light blue for a number of years.

There must be something your water that makes you and your neighbor insane. Keeping a black car looking good isn’t a hobby, it is a full-time job.

UPS paints its trucks that color for a reason; soil does not show. I had a Corolla about that color long ago.