Do photo red light cameras not flash if bright sunlight?

My wife and I smiled for the photo red light camera as we.nthrough the red signal driving red lights and siren.

Did it flash?

I was checking that left cross-traffic had stopped and she was checking right. In our peripheral visioneither of us noticed a flash.

Was the photo red light camera not working?

(The first three occasions I wenthrough this red signal, it flashed and I received a ticket in the mail.

I mailed appropriate documentation and the citation was “canceled”.

Same situation, same documentation submitted, the fourth violation was NOT canceled and I was compelled to court.

Made the woman Photo Red Light agent look like a clown (not my intention) and the judge dismissed the case.

A fifth violation likewise was not canceled. Case again dismissed in court.

Though I acknowledged receipt of the citations and was in communication with the Photo Red Light people by telephone, e-mail and mail, they still had me PERSONALLY SERVED with a third citation. [The $45 personal service fee was added to my $75 ticket plus court costs.]

Fortunately, by my winning, they “ate” the personal service fees.)

There are more than one manufacturer of these devices and likely they don’t all work the same.

I suspect the flash is only functional under certain conditions.

My advice and personal request, is to start following the law and drive safer. They next time you might hit me.

Wait, lights flashing and siren blaring, until the signal changes to green? (At least I’d silence the siren.)
Checking left and right to ensure that cross-traffic has stopped, there is no safety issue.

No ticket in the mail, so perhaps it was not working.

In a previous ticket, in the front view they blanked out my wife’s image.
Had she been driving, I wouldeclare that I (registered owner) was nothe driver and send a photocopy of my driver license. The ticket would be cancelled. I need not identify the driver.

Still doing “code three” blood runs Bob?? Why not just stop for the light? It really doesn’t make any difference…or get one of those polarized or reflective license-plate covers so your plate can’t be photographed…Most of these “photo-radar, photo-red light” cameras are run by private companies who are in it for the money and enjoy having the court system act as their bill collector…Or have your license plate registered to a fire department or other law-enforcement agency…As long as the vehicle is privately registered, you will keep making trips into court…

Yep; blood, components, transplantissues, digibind, surgical instruments - whatever the hospital orders emergent.

After losing twice in court and eating $90 in personal service fees, plus costs of their flunkies driving to court, parking and setting up AV equipment, maybe they will resume canceling the citations when appropriate information is received - as they did the firsthree times. What was different about #4 and #5?
The vehicle is an authorized emergency vehicle.

(I scheduled eachearing right before a monthly hospital meeting. Go to court, then continue down the steet to the hospital.)

I told an attorney friend that I should wear the “Groucho” nose, mustache
and eyebrows glasses. He laughed thathat would work!
They must be able to identify the driver.

Since I’m late to the party I don’t know your history. Forgive me if this is covered ground.

Why do you run so many red lights?

Why is it important that the red light person was a woman?

In the jurisdiction where I live, the owner of the car is responsible for the red light ticket, regardless of who was driving. Have you checked your local law?

The vehicle is a privately-owned emergency medical transport vehicle.
About 90% of transports are urgent, 10% emergent.

Gender indicated is simply being more thorough.

Here, though it be your vehicle, if someonelse committed the red light violation, you can have the citation canceled by sending a “clear” photocopy of your driver license. Good enough that they can see it is not you driving. You also cannot be compelled to reveal who was driving.

Back in the old days when I was on a rescue squad we were reminded by the State police that red-lights and siren did not allow us to break the law…they were to be used to get other vehicles to move aside.

Surprised to read that.
In many states, emergency vehicles are permitted to proceed through red signals, drive in opposing lanes, wrong direction on ONE WAY streets, exceed the posted speed limits, U-turns where prohibited - with Due Regard for the safety of all.

This can be done safely, always considering and compensating for conditions and other drivers, etc.
I blare the siren as little as possible and travel through active School Zones at the speedesignated.

One of my tickets showed that I traveled through the red signal at 26 mph. Seems excessive buthe photos do not reveal thathere were no other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, pets in the vicinity of the wide open intersection.

Get the F.D. to give you one of those trick little strobe lights that make most traffic lights turn green as you approach…

Good idea!
Already have one but I do not use it. That traffic signal may not be equipped with Opticom.
Preempting the signal cycle ruins traffic flow.
I enter, get through the intersection and out of everyone’s way with the least traffic disruption.
Opticom, taking their turn away from them, can delay their progress an entire cycle.
Then newly-arriving traffic behind them is backed up behind those who should already have gone with their green signal. It can take quite a while for traffic flow to recover.

So what was the judge’s gender, just to be more thorough?

If you slow for a school district that sounds like you don’t have legal authority to exceed speed limits or run red lights. What jurisdiction did you say you were operating in?


The emergency vehicle is authorized to exceed posted speed limits.
Our “proceedure” is to slow for school zones, even more for active school zones.
Speed kills. - You never know if some child will get excited and run across the street in front of you. (There is a form of dyslexia, I believe, where one who intends not to move will do opposite and run across the street.)
So I silence the siren, if it was even sounding in the first place, and slow.

Authorized statewide.