Do nothing approach and driveline vibration

I believe my torque converter has issues in my 07 MDX(92k) as I get vibration around 25 and 40MPH if driven easy. Torque converter guess is based on google research however I do not get a jumpy tach that some folks report. The one dealership I did visit said did not exhibit condition. Vibration intermittently presents itself if you drive vehicle easy but shifts wonderfully if driven moderately to really hard.

Transmission fluid was last changed at 70k at dealer where all service performed at proper intervals.

My questions are ignoring an issue like this lead to bigger problems? Any suggestions on what to do. Would changing transmission fluid which is pink and smells fine do any good?

My plan of ownership is 4-5years/60k miles.

Is there some reason you’re staying only with the dealer? Why not ask an indy transmission shop to scan it and drive it?

Torque converter would be low on my list of things to look at. Yes this issue could lead to bigger problems, more correctly stated connected problems by disregarding the issue. It could be anything from a partially clogged fuel injector, to a bad sensor. Any Check Engine lights? A proper diagnosis before throwing money at ghosts will save you dollars and frustration. Find a good mechanic that can give you a definitive answer.

Service the transmission and add one of the products advertised to remove lock up clutch chatter.

How complicated is the drive shaft to the rear wheels? I had an AWD Volvo wagon that had funky joints at the transfer case, rear differential, and still had a CV (or U joing) in the middle of the shaft. A bad drive shaft (out of balance) or a bad joint in the drive shaft could set up a harmonic vibration.

So many possibles here, including a bad tire or wheel, that you just have to troubleshoot and eliminate one possible at a time.

I drove the car today and it shifted absolutely beautifully. No vibrations or clunks that occasionally happen. Almost seamless shifts. Just like the day of test drive and mechanic look over.

Not sure what to make of it except wait till that check engine light illuminates.

My next oil change I will replace the transmission fluid. It looks quite easy as it is a simple drain and then refill. Maybe throw some miracle in a bottle if they don’t hurt.

No to any miracle in a bottle stuff. Change the fluid with a genuine Honda fluid or an Acura fluid. Improper fluids, and/or additives can cause more problems than they solve.

Follow up on an old thread.

Got a letter regarding this very issue from Acura. They have a software update for vibrating torque converter and if it does not work have extended torque converter warranty to 8yr/105k. Sadly I already have 96k now on vehicle so short warranty.

It actually came from Acura rep I contacted via email ~6 months ago.

Is this the famous “rumble strip” noise issue you’re speaking of? I lessened the frequency and severity of this on my 2001 MDX with 200K miles, by flushing the trans fluid twice (within a 100 miles) and changing the differential fluid.

6 years to late.

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