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Do not park

… next to a fire hydrant, unless you want this type of damage to your vehicle:



Serves them right. Also not surprised even slightly to see a NJ tag on the minivan

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not surprising since the fire truck says ‘camden’ on it…

That’s not the “not surprising” part I was referring too…more the common attitude of NJ drivers I’ve experienced from their tourists visiting my area in SE PA and vacationing myself in New Jersey

Happened in Boston a few years ago at a fire at a Brownstone in Backbay. When the fire was finally out they towed the BMW. I think that mishap cost the driver several thousands of dollars.

In NJ, the biggest hazard on our interstate highways is all of the PA cars riding continually in the left lane, several mph under the speed limit, while everyone else is forced to zoom past them on the right.
I hope that you aren’t one of those PA drivers.

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Hell no brother! I set my cruise at 5-10 mph over and sit in the middle/right lane and pass when needed (and I’ll goose it if someone else is coming in the left lane so I don’t impede them)

The odd thing is, when I’m driving through the heartland of NJ heading down the shore, I see more PA drivers flying down the left lane 5-10 mph+ and lane surfing to get around the slower drivers.

My guess is that you probably see more of that on the 3+ lane highways. We don’t have a ton of them across the state, mainly around major metro areas and going up mountains, so I think Pennsylvanians sometimes get confused by them. I really don’t know many Pennsylvanians who drive slow on the highways…come drive on Routes 222, 283, and I-81 sometime!

I remember one time getting in trouble in Pa. it seem’s they don’t drive like we do in the south if we see a funeral procession coming toward’s us we pull over & put on four way’s until it pass’s as a sign of respect. I was on a two lane road in Lancaster one time and did the same thing in a 18 wheeler next thing I know a cop knocking on my door asking me what was wrong I pointed out the funeral going by he said to keep moving as they did not do that in Pa.

We don’t have to stop in the opposite lane for a funeral procession, but you’re not allowed to pass them or cut through them

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I think we’ve seen a similar situation here before. Still good to see.

My neighbors park in front of my house instead of theirs when they can’t use their driveway. Sometimes I wish they’d park across the street or in front of the house on the other side. Still, he has to park somewhere, and there is a fire plug in front of his house, and they really can’t get a car in front of their house without violating the hydrant rules.