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It's true, Denver car drivers are bad

don’t know what its like in other major cities but Denver drivers speed, don’t use turn signal, cut in front, hate drivers that do speed limit.

Uh, okay. What does this have to do with repair and maintenance?

Do you ever leave the state of Colorado? Those drivers exist in all 46 states that I have been to.

Clearly you don’t get around very much. Every state and city claims the worst drivers of all. But let’s stick to repair and maintenance.

After working as a truck driver, my vote for the city with the worst drivers goes to Baltimore, MD. It’s one thing to drive fast and aggressively, but Baltimore drivers take it to a whole new level. Miami comes in second place.

It’s not just Denver. You will find these traits in just about any major metro area.

The anti-thesis of that would be the small city near where I live in which everyone does their dxxxxxxxx to travel 15 MPH under the speed limit and clog things up to no end.
The major 5 lane artery across town is posted 35-45 MPH the entire way and even when traffic is very light you can set your watch by the traffic flow; 28 MPH no matter the day of the week or the time.

I live in Baltimore, but I am not originally from here. People from Baltimore complain about Virginia and New Jersey drivers! Come to think about it, everyone complains about New Jersey everything.

…and those of us in NJ complain about the drivers from NY and PA.
Luckily, we can almost always hear and smell those NY cars before they come too close to our cars on the highway.

Anyway–as was already stated, what the OP described can indeed be found in all areas of the US. Somehow, I doubt that Denver is unique in this respect.

It’s been like that in the DC area since I got my license over 40 years ago. I learned to not use my turn signal when changing lanes because people take it as a challenge and try to cut you off.

I was no fan of the way the intersections and highways in NJ are designed, but NJ’s drivers seemed to be courteous towards semis.

It isn’t courtesy .it’s fear.

I live in the Denver area, and I have a bigger issue with people who insist on driving either the speed limit or below the speed limit in the left lane, when the rest of the traffic flow wants to go faster than the speed limit, which is most of the time.

These people also typically drive Subarus, usually Outbacks.

They tend to merge onto highways at 35 mph, and immediately head straight to the left lane at 35 mph, and take about 2 miles to get up to whatever speed they want to get to, causing the rest of the highway, traveling at 65 mph, to have to slam on their brakes in order to not hit the idiot in the Subaru, now doing 35 mph in the left lane, going UP a hill.

So, we have to swerve around the slow moving idiot who doesn’t know how to use their accelerator, and usually don’t have enough time to use our indicators in order to safely merge into the right lane to pass.

I don’t hate drivers that do the speed limit, but I do hate drivers who don’t follow the State Law of “Keep Right Except To Pass”, which people like you don’t ever follow.

So, when you are clogging up the left lane I am using to pass slower moving traffic, and I finally get a chance to pass you on the inside (which is legal in this state thanks to the law that states I can pass on the right on any road that has a minimum of 2 lanes of traffic in each direction), when I merge back into the left lane close to you, essentially cutting you off, that’s my way of telling you in the nicest way that I can that you should be in the right lane, not in the left, if that is the speed in which you plan on driving on this road.

Please move over.


In that case, Baltimore drivers seem to lack a healthy sense of fear.