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2008 Nissan Versa

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend, the coil snapped near my front passenger tire and slice the tire open - what’s weird is I wasn’t even in an accident. I spoke with a few Nissan service departments, and they told me this should only happen if you are in a collision.

Has anyone has problems like this before? Trying to figure out who I should contact because the part is on back order for two weeks, and the vehicle is no longer under warranty. I really don’t want to file a claim against my insurance because I don’t need it to go up any higher. It’s just a bit frustrating because everyone keeps telling me this should not have happened at all.

Nothing’s perfect, and they shouldn’t break, true, but that doesn’t mean won’t.

consider your driving, and where you drive. If you live in a place like New Orleans, with the roads a mess the way they are, you might consider yourslef lucky the whole corner didn’t fall apart (happened to my cousin there).

Your only option at this point, is to wait for the part, or call around to a couple of yards (junk yard, second hand parts place, whatever), and see if they can get you one. Dollars to donuts there’s a yard near you that has a Versa just like yours waiting for you.

It’s a bummer you need 2 new tires, though. Always change those in sets (axle sets, that is).

Good luck

True enough. However, I could see this happening on a much older vehicle - not one that is only three years old. I basically drive the car to and from work and to drop my son off at daycare. The roads are fairly decent - there are no a lot of pot holes or anything.

Nevertheless, I do appreciate your advice.

This is not the type of thing that normally happens on a three year old economy car. And without evidence of an accident your comprehensive will not cover it. It insures against accident damage, and you haven’t had an accident…despite what the shop said.

Springs, like anything else, can have a fault, an imperfection. Millions upon millions are made every year, and it sounds like you pickedthe short straw from and entire bale of straw.

This is not a part that you can change yourself. And even of you had the spring compressors and knew how to, you’d need to bring it in to get it aligned anyway. Your options are to wait for them to do it or tow the vehicle elsewhere.


Wish there was more to do - it’s unfortunate. You can watch for recalls - although it’s unlikely. If they have one, and if you hang onto those receipts, you may get something - maybe not.

3 years. And the warranty is gone? Seems odd, but they may not consider that powertrain. I would, since you’re really not going too far with no suspension, and it carries the drive shaft - I’m not up on the newest way they write those things. Hmmm…you could work your way up the Nissan ladder. May not get any results, but sometimes it’s worth asking.

Or you could just file it under S*!t happens. Good luck, in any case.

My son had the same thing happen on a 1989 Mercury Sable when the car was about 8 years old. He was working in Appalachian country where the roads were pretty rough. A small Ford dealer was able to fix things up pretty cheaply with a used strut assembly from a recylcling yard. I was afraid that the damping rate might be different on the replacement spring and strut that what was on the other side of car, but apparently both struts and springs had about the same amount of wear, so it worked out fine.

Coil Spring breaking could cause a accident, and therefor its a safety issue. For the record I would at least fill out a complaint online with the NHTSA. Who knows, maybe yours is not the only one its happened to. In which case it could lead to a recall in the future. Then you could possibly get your money back for the repair.

I Have Seen Front MacPherson Strut Suspensions Break Coil Springs Just As You Have Described. The Cause Has Been A Failed Strut Top Bearing That Does Not Allow The Strut To Turn Easily Without Twisting The Spring When The Front Wheels Are Turned.

I seriously doubt your insurance company would pay for car repairs / maintenance or defects. You said it wasn’t collision related and I doubt it was vandalized. I would be surprised if they covered this and appreciative if they didn’t. If they paid for every car repair, maintenance item, and manufacturing defect then nobody could afford car insurance.

You need to have the strut top bearings checked and if it was my car, I’d be sure to replace at least the one on the passenger’s side.

How many miles on this out of warranty 2008 Nissan Versa ?


Guess What ?
Nissan put out a TSB (technical service bulletin) in September of 2008 that pertains to some 2007 - 2009 Versas and 2007 - 2008 Sentras. The bulletin helps Nissan technicians diagnose bad Strut Mounting Bearings and gives details on which replacement parts to use.

The bulletin says drivers could experience a popping or clunking or bumping when the steering wheel is turned and that the noise comes from the top of the front strut, just as I was talking about in an earlier post. The springs wind up and suddenly unwind and “pop”.

The bulletin does not discuss springs. However, from my knowledge and experience, in my opinion, a bad strut bearing can twist and weaken a spring over time and cause breakage. The bearings are there for a reason.

Where’s my stars, eh ?


Good catch…and done.

Thanks, Chase.

These Are Strictlty My Opinions. Here’s What I Would Do . . .

In light of a TSB and as Chaissos and Americar pointed out this could be heading to a recall, along with experience with pireced tires like your’s, I’d have a talk with Nissan. You’ll probably have to make an appointment to meet with the Nissan Service / Parts Zone Representative when she/he travels to your dealer. Ask to see and discuss the TSB pertaining to strut bearings and Versas and have the Rep verify that it pertains to your vehicle or not. The TSB does not obligate Nissan to cover any cars that are out of warranty.

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Be as polite and cheerful as possible, but be firm and adamant about being reimbursed for your expenses, indicating that it’s probably much less expensive than litigating lawsuits for your injury or death as a result of the strut bearing - broken spring - blown tire incident. You or family members could have been injured, not to mention inconvenienced. I’m fairly sure that you can convince Nissan to cover this without having to go to an attorney.

You may wish to get the opinions of some experts on suspension systems. Go to some wheel alignment shops. Certified technicians in the wheel alignment industry should be able to help to explain how bad strut bearings can lead to a broken spring and blown tire.

You should have a right to keep any parts replaced in the repair of your vehicle (except warranty or rebuilt items, which don’t apply here) and be sure to do that. Keep the tire, spring, strut mount / strut bearing, etcetera, in case push comes to shove. Keep all paper work. Have the paper work show why the tire and spring are being replaced.

I’m thinking that if the strut bearings are not replaced then the same scenerio will recur. See what the dealer says about this after looking at the TSB.