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Value of a BG additive

I recently had a 30,000 mile check done on my 2006 Subaru. The maintenance manager asked if I wanted them to use a couple of BG products that would clean out various systems. The price of these products and the service to administer them was $150.00

I was told that these products might increase mileage by 5-7 mpg. Have you any experience with these products?

I haven’t heard of the product but if someone asked me to purchase something that “might” increase the gas mileage by 5-7mpg my first thought would be to run, and fast. This sounds like a good product to increase the bottom line of the “administrator”. If something actually worked to increase just half that amount of gas mileage it would be a blow out seller.

This product & service might actually work, at least in a few cases. It is a fuel system cleaner; if your system is gunked up, a cleaning may be productive. See this 2006 video in which an independent tester claimed a measured improvement from 17.9 mpg to 19.6 mpg, a 1.7 mpg increase:

The tester then did his own math. If he could save $6 per tank, the $120 treatment would repay itself after 20 tankfuls.

My advice to the OP (and anyone else with a recent or fuel-efficient car) is to decline this offer. You will not get a 5-7 mpg improvement. No way! And if your fuel system is already clean you will receive no benefit at all.

It will not give you increased MPG and I’ve had a lot of experience with BG products. I worked for a Subaru dealer in which the sales rep for BG came around and convinced the service manager these products (while good) are the end-all for any car.

This led to every car coming into the shop getting BG engine oil additive, fuel system additive, transmission additive, etc. Will they hurt? No. Will they make a noticeable difference in any area? No.
They also provided a mechanic incentive inside the cans by inserting a plastic tab which could be saved and turned in, a la returnable bottles, for a reimbursement.

I tried BG in my work car (150+ miles a day commute) just for hoots and it did zero, zilch, and nada. The only thing I could find that BG made a noticeable difference in is when I added a small quantity of BG engine oil treatment to the transmission and hydraulic front fork on my Harley Davidson shovelhead motorcycle. It did improve the trans clunkiness (which is normal on these) and improved the front fork ride. Other than that, save your money.

The maintenance manager asked if I wanted them to use a couple of BG products that would clean out various systems.

And what evidence was there to indicate there was something that needed cleaning?

Oil, fuel and I believe transmission fluid and coolant, all come with cleaners. Why would you want to buy more? Take a look at your owner’s manual. It does not recommend additives as part of regular maintenance.

Don’t waste you money on a product designed to fix something that does not need fixing.

Your gasoline already has detergent additives that keep the car running clean. If you’re following the recommended maintenance schdeule in your owner’s manual and your car is running well, you need no additives…and especially avoid flushes.

No, you don’t need these. Their only function is to generate revenue.

Ok I’ve been a tech for over 20 years BG products are over priced and they dealer ships sell their products up from becuase BG gives the service advisers 5 dollars a can so a " Preffered Service " can get the adviser 50 dollars or more a service as a bonus program BG has. Ask your self why would they sell you the additives up front before checking out your car ? You might need brakes or another more important repair rather than pouring cans into your vehicle. It’s a scam .