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BG Automobile Maintenance Service

I’m interested if anyone has used this protection plan and their experience with it.

I have not heard of it, but it sounds like a good way of separating you from your money.  Could you tell us what it is?

I think I would pass on the BG products. Keep up your normal scheduled maintenance and your vehicle will run well to the end of it’s life. I went to their website and they are selling distributorships as well as automotive products. That’s always a turnoff because it usually means higher prices for substandard products. They have to pay for their hype someway or another.

Several Hyundais that show up here have accumulated in excess of 200,000 miles and continue to run well with normal service. One Sonata has passed the 300,000 mile mark. It’s difficult to beat the basic maintenance schedule. What does BG offer? Is that the product advertised on television claiming that after treatment an engine can be run without coolant or oil?

It’s a auto maintenance plan offered by local repair shops.

I’ve had quite a bit of experience with BG and their products have been around a long time. It’s a decent product but they’re also overpriced, unneeded, and if you feel that you really need to use an additive there are a number of far cheaper products on the market that will do just as good a job as BG will.

I’ve always considered the BG business model the equivalent of Amway. Pass on the BG stuff and keep the money in your wallet.

That’s my feeling but wanted to seek opinions.

Thank you for the sound advice.

Smart thinking. Appreciate your feedback.