BG "On the road"

I have a 2002 nissan sentra and recently went to our local Nissan Dealer and got the Service Menu. They suggest to add BG “On the road” Fuel and Oil additives every 3750 miles. Has anyone used this product and found this useful?

Don’t do it. Just change your oil and buy the proper fuel for your vehicle according to your owners manual.

I find oil additives generally not useful at all. Today’s oils have all the additives you need, unless you have a particular problem to solve, and I have little confidence the maintenance doses they suggest are useful; they are profitable.

Unless you are having performance issues with your fuel injection, the fuel injection service is not needed. I do run a good fuel system cleaner through my cars every year or so; I use Techron. It is much cheaper to do this yourself than it is to have the dealer do it every 3750 miles. I think you are flushing your money if you take their recommendations. Check the owner’s manual to see if Nissan recommends these services on their maintenance schedule; I suspect not. Many dealers offer these services in spite of owner’s manual warnings to add no oil additives. Several Toyota dealers in my area do this.

What do you mean ‘got the Service Menu’? Nissan dealers do a good job of over-selling services in some cases. Do what the manual says.

Be suspicious of anything the dealer suggest that is not listed in the owner’s manual.

If it is not in the manual, likely it is only good to increase dealer profit.

BG products have been around a long time and do what they claim they will do. But if you don’t have a problem, you may not need the claimed benefit. NOTHING works better than BG 44 injector cleaner, but if your injectors are not dirty, it’s an expensive waste of money…