Do I need new brakes or is it something worse

2004 Toyota RAV4- everytime I back up and turn the wheel to the left, so the back end goes to the left, it screeches. I think its the fron brakes, but I haven’t looked at it.

Is your foot on the brake as you are backing? Does the screech come from the front or back? Has anyone listened at the side of the car when this is happening? How many miles since the brakes were new, front and back?

With a little information we might not lead you astray.

The only way to know is to look at it.

If the brakes look good and the dust shields aren’t bent, the possibility exists that you’re simply truning the vehicle to its stops when you do this maneuver and your power steering pump belt is skreeching. If so you should see glaze on the belt.

Another thing you could do is spin the wheels backwards and see if they make noise while the car is in on the rack for checking the brakes. Perhaps something is rubbing.