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DIY Cabin Air Filter

Could I accidentally set off the airbags in my '99 Accord while replacing the a/c filter? Will I at least get the Darwin award if I do?


Ummmm? No.

That is unless you plan on hitting the front bumper of the car with a sledge hammer while replacing the cabin filter.


No, and yes.

NO…But if you did it would be something to be proud of. I think you’d be the first to ever do it.

Haynes manual implies that if certain wiring in the vicinity of the glovebox gets fudged then the airbags could deploy. I guess that’s just in there to keep them from getting sued.

That’s funny! One some, you’d also have to be in drive and moving at say 10mph before the bags would deploy. That would be a sight…

It’s in there to keep you from fudging the wiring and setting off the airbags.

Post pictures.