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Honda Accord airbag replacement

I have a 97 accord in which both driver and passenger airbags deployed. I’m replacing, and am looking at salvage airbags and non-dealer shop replacement. Am I taking too great a safety risk versus new parts and dealer installation? Shop has done many of these, but I’m nervous. Any perspective?

Not only do you need the bags but you will need the deployment module. What in paticular are you nervous about,spending money and still getting a air bag light or one going off in your face?

I saw the roll bars in a BMW deploy on accident,pretty interesting.

I don’t want to minimize the caution to be taken with airbags but if you use normal care (don’t pinch any wires) they are safe to work with. If the harness is damaged replace don’t repair.

I have to ask, “why are you keeping this car?”

There must have been a crash serious enough to trigger the airbags. If that happened how do you know the rest of the car is OK?

I think you should reconsider this.

I drive a '97 Accord, and if I had a crash in which both airbags deployed, I wouldn’t want my car anymore.