1994 Jeep Distributor cap (8 cly / cap in rear)

How do you change it if it will not clear the top of the motor after it is disconnected?

It has about 50,000 miles on it.

Do you have to lower the engine ??


The 318 (5.2 liter) was a tight fit in the jeep but the cap does come out. Once the plug wires are disconnected and the screws are removed the cap will come out. Sometimes you need to twist it around a little. The tricky part is making sure you reconnect the plug wires properly when you put it back together.

Thanks for the comment.

I decided just to change the plugs and wires today and that made quite a difference.

Also need to get some sort of small puller to pull the dist rotor as it was stuck…

Will look at it again in a week or so, seemed to be about a 1/4 inch too big to come out this morning.

have to
drive it the rest of the weekend…


Make sure there isn’t a small screw holding the distributor rotor on. If the rotor is pointing fore and aft and doesn’t have enough clearance to come off, you could turn the engine so the the rotor turns a quarter turn. Did you have to drill holes in the inner fender to change spark plugs? Some cars did need such surgery.

Clearance on getting the plugs out was not a problem.

The new rotor did not have a set screw so I did not look for a screw on the current one/ on the Jeep (94 Grand Cherokee) Will look for it the next time.

The engine runs very smooth now with the new plugs and wires, but the cap contacts and rotor are a bit rough. Cleaned the top posts and put it back on as it was.

I have never seen such a tight spot with getting the dist cap out and I think I turned it every which-way…


The rotor does not have an attaching screw. It is a press fit. The cap is difficult to get out but will fit if twisted just right. I have actually broken them to ease removal. The new one is just as difficult to get back in. Good luck.

thanks Mike,

I thought I twisted it everyway, with proper verbal commentary, but could not find a spot where it will clear everything…

as before, the Jeep runs much smoother now,

So will wait for a cool morning to try it again.