Distributer disturbace

Recently I replaced a distributor in my 1994 Honda Accord ex because I was having issues with the car starting in the heat, and through research this was the best choice.
When I put the new distributor in, the coil didn’t fire and I wasn’t getting any power. I tried putting the old one back in and didn’t get any power when I did that either. I assume it’s an electical issue that i somehow caused by replacing the distributor, but I can’t find any damage to any of the harnesses and I have power coming from the car harnesses. Any suggestions?

Hopefully as simple as a wire not reconnected, new rotor and cap?

When I put the new distributor in, the coil didn't fire and I wasn't getting any power.

So you have a “crank, no start” condition?

Check the fuses (ALL of them) first and then check the ignition switch.