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Havin ploblems gettin fire out of the distributor

im having ploblems getting fire out of my distributor and ive replaced distributor, distr cap, rotor button, wires, checked fuel pump and filter. i cant get any fire at all its an 89 nissan d21 pickup if you have any ideas please let me know thanks

Did you replace the rotor too??


You need to check voltage at the ignition coil, etc. Do you have someone who can follow the wiring diagram and use an electrical multimeter? It’s nice to have talented friends.

I took the work out of searching for wiring diagrams, for you. They are at Go there, register your vehicle, come back here, and click on this link: You’ll need to wait a couple of minuets for the wiring diagrams to load.

There’s a resistor/condenser between the coil and distributor. If the truck has a tach, crank the engine and watch the tach. If no RPM’s register on the tach replace the resistor/condenser. If the truck doesn’t have a tach, still suspect the resistor/condenser.


yea the rotor button

thats the prblem i cant get the engine to fire for it to start running

Did you got a rebuilt distributor or a recycled unity ?
Have you checked the crank angle sensor and the power transistor at the coil?
Check the attached files.

The rotor button is permanently mounted in the center of the distributor cap and is part of the cap itself, the rotor is another item which slides down onto the distributor shaft. It makes contact with the rotor button in the distributor cap. I’m just making sure because we are talking about two different parts.


i changed the rotor its self and bought a new cap

we checked everything and its still didnt help anymore ideas