1994 Ford Ranger cranks won't start very similar to post back in 2015 thread same year of pickup

I’m having the same issue with my truck the same year of pickup. I’ve replaced coil, ignition module, relays are good. It also died while driving. Is my best bet replacing the distributor? The distributor turns when I’m trying to start the truck, I’m thinking it’s the stator inside the distributor. The distributor housing was very loose when I first looked at the truck after it died. Any suggestions is the distributor the way to go? I have the pickup at a mechanics shop right now.However, I’m still not getting spark to the coil, which tells me the issue is before the distributor, is that correct? I’m going to have the mechanic try jumping the ballist resistor to see if thats the problem to see if we can get it to fire.

What engine?


1994 Ford Ranger 3.0L V6

The problem might be with the pickup coil in the distributor.



I think @Tester has the answer for you.

But in the future…no one here is going to go to the trouble of searching out your old post from 2015.
That’s your job!!!

You could have found your old post and “cut and paste” any pertinent info to this post if you wanted to cut down on the typing.


@Yosemite that’s what I figured so I created a new thread, but the article from 2015 wasn’t mine.

Thanks for the help guys!


Just replaced the pickup coil still no spark, is my next step replacing the ECU? The relays and resistors are all good as well.


Actually going to replace the ignition switch first, before I jump to conclusions that my ECM is bad. ^ECM*****