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Distracting road noise

Hearing a thumping noise as if there was knot on a tire or a seperated radial. Noise 1 year old. Did not go away after new tires were installed, balanced, and wheels aligned. Is not front wheel bearings. Lincoln dealer says it is rear wheel bearing. Due to 2003 recall bearings replaced only by installing axle/bearing kit. Cost $1200.00. Any ideas from where else this noise could be coming from?

If the noise persisted & is unchanged even after a whole different set of tires then a wheel bearing is perfectly plausible. You shouldn’t really have to guess. If it is bad enough to thump you should be able to hear & feel it when you spin the wheel. Just jack it up & hve a look. If you can’t/don’t want to jack it have a shop show you while it is on a lift.

You also don’t need a dealer. Any local mechanic can handle this and will probably do it for less.