Discovery series 1 one I alarm chirping and won’t start

Drives and starts fine then one day the auto door lock stops working and only the driver door unlocks and locks. Before it would activate the four doors. Then the next day, when starting the alarm goes off and engine will not turn over. Turn off key and alarm stops honking but starts a quiet chirp. If you open the drivers door, it stops. I towed home and left for a year. Learned that the micro switch in the driver door handle was at fault. With downward pressure on the key when unlocking the switch was activated and cycling 3 times would deactivate the alarm and it would start. No that pressure has been “discovered,” and I do not want to buy a new assembly for 250 papers, I have strategically placed a plastic cup in the door from the inside, with the door panel off. This keeps the pressure on the key assembly for proper function. Now with this brilliant fix. My question is… when do the door locks still not function in unison as before? When the drivers door is locked or unlocked, the other doors locks do nothing. Help me fix this Land Rover discovery aka “broken.”

Maybe you need more plastic cups… or you could fix it properly and replace the switch (if it, indeed, is bad).

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More plastic cups. Preferably with Tennessee sippin’ whiskey in them.


A 20-30 year old Disco needs a lot of care, do you have a mechanic? Have you posted this on a Disco forum?


Yes, indeed! I will need more cups. The first cup has already lost it’s form.

The idea is to find the problem with the auto door locks not working before buying a new part, because indeed, maybe the switch is not the problem.

Thanks for replies. I recently shared click and clack with a friend and was inspired to join the humor and advice here.

Yes, I’m hoping to pin down the exact cause before buying parts. Auto door locks still not working… even with a fresh cup.

Already tried that. That may be why it sat for a year…?

I have posed on a couple forms. Seems no one has found this “Jerry” fix; i’ll have to share.

Arkansas Land Rover refer you to a local LR specialist, but he seems to have gone out of biz. I ordered a used handle from him and it never arrived.

They do need care and mechanically minded attention. I am beginning to believe they get a “bad rap” because if the attention to detail is not followed a major failure occurs.


  1. front drive shaft broke on a foggy mountain pass while raining. Carefully stopped and removed. Then Drive with center lock.
  2. Loud scratch from engine… Stopped, noticed metal shavings behind water pump, towed home and replaced. Lost minimal aluminum on head.
  3. Checking oil and trans fluid are totally different than most autos.
  4. Wheel bearing noisy after “adventure.” Stopped and replaced. Bearing completely fell apart and center was seized to shaft.
  5. Please share any stories or nuances you know about.

Long live the adventure!