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Land Rover Discovery

I have a 1999 land rover discovery series 2 and all of a sudden my key will not turn in my ignition switch. It goes in all the way, but it will not budge when I try to start the vehicle. Does anyone know exactly what this is and the cheapest route to fix it. Thanks

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See your local lock shop. They will likely come to you and check it out.

You could have it towed to the dealer, who would then likely call the same locksmith to take care of it and the dealer would then triple the price you pay.

This is a fairly common problem on Range Rovers and Discos, the lock barrel contains a number of cylinders that are sensitive to even minor contamination. Get some lock grease from a locksmiths, I usually give the lock a squirt of WD40 first to wash out contaminants before pumping some grease in there, it also helps the grease into the lock moving parts a little.

You might find that a squirt of WD will get things moving but make sure you follow up with some grease afterwards.

WD-40 then grease? Is that what Land Rover recommends? I’d just squirt some graphite powder into the lock and slide the key in and out to move the pins, then try to turn it. Try this a few times.

WD-40 is to sluice the dust and grit out of the lock before adding new grease. Contaminants stick the cylinders in the up position and they do not return to the profile of the key - hence it won’t turn.

Just adding grease or graphite won’t clear the muck out.

Land Rover recommends replacing the lock barrel…hmmmm…

If the locks are supposed to be lubricated with graphite powder, I wouldn’t use WD-40. OTOH, it sounds reasonable if an oil is used to lubricate the lock. I’m not sure what LR recommends.