Disconected door handle linkage in drivers door

i have a 95 jeep ckerokee. my car was broken in to and to get in they pried my window down.it knock off the linkage for both the inside and outside of my door handles, on my drivers door. the door is closed. so how do i open it so i can get inside the door to fix it? with out destroying my door. i called a lock smith and they said no dice.

In these cases I have cut the door panel off.

Cut a hole, but in the door panel or interior trim panel? Both have their pros & cons. If you cut the door panel then you can a used door but then blend the fender & rear door. If you cut the trim panel you will need to buy a new one, fat chance on a used part, and they are expensive.

Are you missing the obvious? If your insurance on the car includes “comprehensive” then it should cover damage from theft (or fire or vandalism or …). Check with your insurance agent.

This is a 13 year old vehicle. I have a strong feeling it only has liability insurance the prudent thing to do given the limited value.