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Hh auto wheel & trim?

2000 Silverado 2500

The small hub cap including the black decorative nuts fell off and needs replacing. The cost for one set (assuming they have a correct match which I haven’t followed up yet due to cost) is ~$44. Is Hub Cap Haven about the best (reliable and least expensive) outlet for this kind of part?

Since black decorative nuts are missing or very loose on the other wheels I’ll need to buy more nuts + figure out some mechanism for securing them. Maybe the white stuff that comes in two different strengths for screws that want to loosen?

Suggestions and opinions welcome!


Back in the late '90s my mom’s huncap came off of her Protoge. We checked with the dealer for an exact replacement. $33 for one. We then went to K-Mart and bought a set of four exactly the same but without the logo for $10. We replaced all four. The quality and mechanical design were exactly the same except for the logo.

I suggest you look at aftermarket suppliers and chain stores. You’ll save a ton, and nobody will know the caps aren’t original. New hubcaps are also a good inexpensive way to spruce up an aging buggy.