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Disappearing car steering fluid

I have a 2003 Saturn L200 with 83,000 miles. Some time ago I noticed power steering fluid disappearing because of a power stearing noise in the pump.

I checked the level and it was low, but no visible sign of a leak and the local Saturn dealership can not find a leak even after adding dye. Their solution is to just keep adding fluid. However the frequency of doing so is becoming about two times a week and this problem has been going on for about a year.

There is no leak on the driveway and apparently no leak under the car — so we’re told.

Any advice would be helpful.

Signed - Grinding in St. Petersburg!

What could be happening is the fluid is leaking past the seals on the steering rack but contained by the “bellows” type outer seal on the rack cylinders,when this area gets full the leak will be evident,you could squeeze these “bellows” and see if fluid is forced out.

This is a really good idea - actually the best I’ve heard. One would think the professionals would have tried this since this has been the Saturn shop at least three times about this. OK, we’ll look at this soon then. I do not have car jack any longer, but we are going to get another opinion and will see what they come up with.

Thanks again.