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Disable Toyota VSC? ('05 RAV)

Hello all.
New member, desperately for a fix (RAV) from you fine folks.
VCS activating everyday (nearly locking one wheel, dry pavement 3 seconds) around curves at 40 mph or 70 mph on the Hwy.
1.New Frt-End work.
2.Zeroed the steering (w/ front end alignment).
3.Every code light was lit coming into the Stability control module. Used to activate w/tires at 15 psi, now all the time at 30 psi.
4.I’m thinking permanently disabling the VSC, …but HOW?.
Thanks for the tips I know you’ll help me with (read some forums, you guys are smart).
('05 RAV L, auto. 4 cyl. 4WD, 245K)

No idea how to disable it. Why not fix the problems(s)? Could be defective ABS sensor(s).

That would just make too much sense :wink:

Are your tires in good shape? The treads? This light turns on for a reason… because it senses a slippery condition. This safety device should not be disabled because it might help avoid an accident in the future.

Are all tires the same size? If they are not, that’s probably the problem. Sometimes different tread wear on each tire can cause this with some sensitive systems. If all tires are in good shape and you are using the recommended size, the next step is to check speed sensors. There is usually a check engine light for a faulty speed sensor.

pull the fuse for abs. that will turn off the tsc and pretty sure the vsc will be off too
since the vsc uses the abs system to control brake application to each wheel
its almost xmas so the lights on the dash will look festive

Always the same wheel?