Directional bulb keeps blowing

Had a directional bulb go out recently and replaced it without any problem. About 3 days ago it went again, I bought a 2 pack of bulbs - replaced it and drove on. Almost instantly right after I turned and signaled the right directional bulb blew again, I grabbed the extra bulb put it into plug and started car - first right turn with directional bulb blows again.

I’m at a loss as to where this can be happening. Is this in the steering column or elsewhere, where do I evenbegin to look

Thanks for the help

Check the grounds. Normally, a bulb will be dim if a weak ground, or out altogether. But bad grounds can also cause this.

I would try a different brand of light bulb. I put a new turning signal bulb in my Uplander. It lasted a day. The next bulb is still working after 3 years. When you replace the bulb, check to see if it is flashing at normal brilliance. If no other bulbs are having this problem, I don’t think you have a voltage problem with the alternator.

Are you sure you are using the right bulb? Does the part number match the one on the original bulb?