1998 Toyota Camry - Odometer issues

In the summer, when the interior temperature of my car is high after being parked in the sun all afternoon, the odometer is blank when I start the engine. Overall mileage does not show. When I put the car in drive the speedometer does not move. But the tachometer does move. When I accelerate, the transmission is stuck in second gear. The tachometer stays at about 2500 rpm. Then after about ten seconds the engine will reve into gear and the car will shift as normal. It picks up freeway speed and drives normally. However, the odometer n the speedometer still are not working or displaying. Then sometime later when the interior of the car is cooled off a bit both will start to work like normal again. There is nothing wrong with the transmission other than those first few minutes. Now that the weather is much cooler the problem does not exist. Please help!

Sounds like the transmission’s speed sensor is going bad. Tell this same story you posted here to the mechanic at your local independent car repair place and let them determine if it really is the sensor.

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But if that’s the case it would happen on a regular basis. It hasn’t happened for many months now since the weather is cooler outside. It may not have anything to do with ambient temperature at all but that is the only common denominator that I noticed.

That’s not necessarily true. High temperatures can be the bugaboo of some electronic devices, and when those devices are more than 2 decades old, sensitivity to high temperatures could be an indicator of wonky electronics.

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Beat me to it!

Thank you for your response.

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