1998 Dodge Grand Caravan


I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan that is displaying strange symptoms. During warm weather only, the check engine light will occasionally come on and the transmission will not shift into the next gear (typically 2nd to 3rd, but occasionally 3rd to 4th). If I turn the car off then on again, the car returns to normal. Diagnostics done on the computer codes have pointed to the transmission, but wouldn’t a transmission problem manifest itself no matter what the weather? I never have an issue with the vehicle during cool weather. Could this be a computer related issue?


Sounds like the tranny is going into limp mode (2nd gear only). If the tranny overheats it will do this.

Take it to a tranny shop and have them check it out, as it may just me a faulty sensor or connection. This same thing used to happen to ours and it was just a bad connection.


How about telling us exactly what the error codes were, (like P0589)?


Actually, it’s been some time since I had the codes pulled at Pep Boys, so I don’t know them. They told me they were transmission related.

Another strange thing is that eventually, when you’ve used the vehicle a few times, the check engine light will go off without ever having the codes pulled.

Guess it’s time for a visit to a tranny place and hope it’s a sensor like the first guy said.