Difficult starting

what would cause a 1996 f150 with a 302 c.i.d. v8 to start ok at the beginning of the day and then needs to have the gas pedal held down for all the other starts during the day? It cranks fine just doesn’t start. Once it starts, it runs well, but smells like it’s running a little too rich.

Leaking fuel injector.

First pull the vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator and check for fuel in the line. If its wet in the vacuum line the pressure regulator is probably ruptured internally. Might need an ECT sensor. If the ECT sensor is telling the ECM it is cold all the time it would have an overly rich mixture.
Any check engine light on? When was the last tune up?

what would cause an kia sportage 2001 not to start when it gets cold outside? New battery, had alternator checked. Can jump it and it will start right away. Only does it when weather is cold.

I suggest that you start a new thread about the kia.

I have a Kia Sportage year 2001 anytime that it is cold outside below 32 it will not start. I have replaced the battery, the alternator has been checked it is in good working condition. It won’t even turn over, if I jump it it will start right away. Noone can figure it out. Again it only does it in the cold winter weather, did the same thing last year.