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Kia Sportage fuel pump or sensor?

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage mini SUV. Love the thing. Got it for $650 (the seller low balled me…I wanted to pay $800!)

It has 177K miles and the only thing wrong right now is that it sometimes does not start. The seller showed me how to spray starter spray into the air intake and get it going that way. The only problem is that often it will start, rev, and then die immediately, as if it is not getting gas. Here is the worst of it…it’s intermitten. I left it at the shop for the day and they could not get it to ‘not start’ all day. He said he could here the fuel pump working.

Could this be a relay sensor? Is it a fuel pump going bad slowly?

Lastly, is the fuel pump in the tank? I think it is actually on top of the tank u nder the rear seat.

If spraying starter fluid in the intake makes it start when it’s acting up, then it’s definitely a fuel delivery problem. Try another trick when it acts up. Try turning the key to “on” a few times for a few seconds each and then turning it to “start”. If your fuel line is draining back into the tank, that’ll allow the line to fill and pressurize before stsrting. It could be that it’s taking some time to drain back and that’s why it always stsrted okay for them at the shop.

And yes, the fuel pump may begetting weak. A fuel ine pressure test can check it. That stuff under the rear seat is not the pump itself, just an access area combined with the vent lines etc. The pump iself is inside the tank. You’re lucky to have that. If the pump is weak, you won’t need to drop the tank to replace it.

Thanks…that all makes sense. Next time it does not start I’ll try that fix. I’m going to run it another week and see what happens then take it back to the shop.