Lexus RX or Mercedes-Benz M-Class

I’m in the process of comparing Lexus RX 350 (AWD) and Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI (AWD)and would appreciate some drivers input. Along w/ everything else,am looking for more comfortable seating (neck/knee issues).

For that kind of money, I would hope the final decision is yours, only you can determine comfort. Most would say; the Lexus is more reliable. Not a factor IMO if you have the money and the MB logo is more important…

Drive both and see. The MB will likely cost more in the long term however I would put comfort level first over anything else. PreaArrange a half day test drive of each not the 15 mins of a salesman blaring into your ear.

You might also consider the Acura MDX.

I drove a Mercedes on the autobahn for five years. There is nothing special about Mercedes but the name. Look into a good domestic car (If there is any such thing anymore) like Ford which has good lumbar support options in the seat. Heated seats…man, you can’t beat that! (Wife thinks she has hot flashes everytime she sits in the seat of my Taurus). I’ve looked at the new Ford Taurus X and it is very impressive (AWD). Do yourself a favor and test drive a Taurus X.

Ford bias??? I would not be caught dead in a Taurus X.

She wants a luxury nameplate/comfort. At least recommend a Lincoln SUV.

Be aware that the ML class is currently fabricated in Alabama. Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything built in north america regardless of brand. I don’t know anything about the toyota.

Well the huge difference is the Mercedes CDI uses the new Mercedes diesel technology. It’s the new 164 chassis which most likely will be under warranty. I love the automatic assumptions that the Benz will be higher to maintain.
I drive a gas V8 M class every day with absolutely no issues. I would assume the Lexus would deliver the same quality and reliability. Drive both and buy what you like. They are two very different engines though.


I also know several folks who also really like their MLs and the CDI is a very nice engine, but I still couldn’t bring myself to buy a “domestic” vehicle. I would also be careful of a used ML because they seem to be primarily used as mini-vans (at least the 10 zillion MLs in my neighborhood are always full of kids and pets). I was just pointing out it’s point of origin to the OP. I would also assume that the maintenance/repair cost for these two vehicles would be similar.

The best seats I have ever encountered are in a Volvo. They actually have an orthopedic MD on staff to recommend seat structure for best posture and comfort. For the money you are planning to spend, there are a number of Volvo AWD models that meet your needs, and they look a lot better than either Mercedes or Lexus models.

Crossovers; the minivan for those who are too trendy for minivans.

anyways, I’d go with the MB, since the diesel will probably yield better fuel mileage

Yup. but they’re really still just mini-vans. The diesel will definitely get better mileage, but the cost of diesel is significantly higher at the moment. Given that we are talking about a $46K car, I don’t know if mileage is a major consideration.

(Wife thinks she has hot flashes everytime she sits in the seat of my Taurus).

My sister-in-law use to get them every time she drove her Taurus…but was was because she was getting hot under the collar…Every time she drove it she was putting money into it…I think the 6 years and 100k miles she owned it…she put well over $10k in maintenance…Hope the Taurus X is a LOT more reliable.