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Diesel starts, dies then fuel line must be bled

My 1985 Ford f-350 diesel truck has an odd habit of occasionally starting but dying and then I have to bleed the fuel line using two people to get her to start proper. Any thoughts? My guess is there is a place in the fuel line that is letting air in or something. Once it runs for a day it is good but when it is started cold using the glow plugs this is an issue. Thanks to anyone who helps.

I agree with you, the high-pressure pump is sucking air from somewhere…The “lift pump” (low pressure from tank) should prevent this…

Remove the injector pump from the side of the engine and check for leaks.


This truck is 27 years old. Any of the fuel lines are highly suspect, including the flex lines from the tank to the high-pressure pump. To keep this truck working, I think any rubber/flexible lines need to be replaced and all hard-lines closely inspected for pin-holes and fractures.