96 f 350

I have 96 f350 with 7.3 diesel that dies about 3 miles from home on my way to work It used to do it about once a week now it does it every day and also on the way home It will start back within about 30 seconds Its not running out of fuel because it wouldn’t start back up so easy I’ve replaced the computer but that was no help

Replaced the computer?!? Why? Have you changed the fuel filters, or checked the fuel pump?

Fuel pump replaced about 1 yr ago new fuel filter I ruled out fuel because it starts back so easy if you ever run out of fuel in this thing you have to give it a shot of starting fluid to get it going When it stops running it acts like you turned off the switch I replaced the lock cyl also

Check the grounds at the battery(s) and all around the engine. Look for breaks in the wires and loose or corroded connections.

You might want to have your Fuel Pump Driver Module checked out. They are problematic when they heat up. I helped my son relocate his to a cooler area after he replaced his second module. It’s still working years later. His symptoms were almost exactly like yours. The module failure will also show up on the CEL sometimes so check for a fault code as well.

Since this is a diesel with direct injection it has a mechanical fuel pump only so I’m thinking I don’t have a FPD module

I’m not familiar with Ford diesels as most of my experience is with foreign car diesels but assume they use a fuel shut-off solenoid on the pump. Any chance the solenoid is acting up or there is an intermittent loss of power to the solenoid?

It does sound like a fuel delivery problem. So definitely consider the fuel pump (or pumps, sometimes there is more than one.) It could be a host of things, but my first guess would be an injection pump on the fritz. Try to come up w/a way to rule that out, that’d be my first priority if I had this problem.

Only two ways to kill a diesel, shut off the fuel or lose compression.