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Help getting diesel to engine

replaced fuel pump after cycling multiple times the diesel still isn’t going to the engine. The line is not clogged or leaking but the fuel in the after market 44 gallon tank which is about half full isn’t going anywhere.

Has the injection pump been tested and known to be working then? On diesels my first suspect is the injector pump.

From what I was told at the trucking school years ago, parts of the fuel system may have to be primed. I was told that if a diesel is run out of fuel, it is a hassle to get everything up and running after filling the tank. Never tried it myself.


Are all of the fuel filters full of fuel?

Does this vehicle have a hand priming pump?

“replaced fuel pump” . . . which pump?

The fuel lift/transfer pump, which should be in the engine bay?

I only know that on heavy diesel trucks, they wouldn’t run if they had lost their prime by running out of fuel and the only way we could get them running was to get them to fire up on starting fluid. It used to take more than half of an 11 ounce can. These were 800+ cubic inch diesels.

did you check the fuel pump cut off switch that every Ford has. check the owners book it will tell you where its location is.