Diesel fuel additive spill

I had a diesel fuel additive spill in the trunk of my 06 TDI new Beetle. How do I clean my trunk liner and get the smell out of my car? Tried the following: dawn soak, upholstery cleaner, orange cleaner, shampooing of carpet. Nothing works, please help. Thanks.

First, remove the trunk liner from your car. Next, deposit it in the nearest dumpster. Third, go to a salvage yard to secure a replacement trunk liner. Clean the trunk pan where the spill was before installing the replacement trunk liner. This will be the most effective, least frustrating, and potentially cheapest way of dealing with this problem. It will be cheaper than having a professional make a (probably unsuccessful) attempt at eliminating the odor.

BTW few cars ever NEED a fuel additive (that includes diesels). The manufacturers of car products like to suggest everyone needs a fuel additive. In real life all fuels of the correct type (octane or cetane etc.) is all you need. Fuels from the pump is generally all you need with a modern car.

Marks advise is good…Otherwise it’s there forever…