Diesel Fuel Filter Change 2006 Chev HD2500

How do you change the fuel filter on the 6.8 diesel enging?

If its the square one like the 5.7, unbolt the old one, bolt on the new one but leave the incoming line cracked to purge the air. Crank the engine to purge the air and tighten the fitting. Start it up and let it run for a while and check for leaks. If you don’t purge the air it will take forever cranking for it to start. Also should use good wrenches on it.

This gives very detailed instructions. I believe the author also sells a special wrench to make the job easer. You might also consider buying a shop manual if you’re going to be doing your own maintenance. They’re money well spent.
Good luck.

The fuel filter on a 5.7 is not like a the 6.8 it has a spin on filter located on the right side fo the eng. conpartment with a water in fuel sensor in the bottom of the filter after changing the filter you have to pump the primer until it becomes hard to pump then start the truck.

Thanks for the info. Always seemed to be really expensive to pay someone to do the work for me. At $65 a pop it adds up.