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Fuel Filter

I have a 2002 Silverado 2500 6.6 L diesel. Have had it for two years. In January in the cold and snow the fuel filter got clogged up, had to be towed, got it replaced. In August in 85 degree heat in a different state the fuel filter quit again, this time no sputtering, just total nothing. The dealer says these things happen. Am I doing something wrong. Is someone putting water in the diesel,bad diesel,etc.? What can I do to prevent this?

Be thankful the fuel filter did it’s job. We have not had that problem with any of the diesel trucks in our fleet, so I would tend to rule out a problem with the tank. My take is sediment, not water causes a fuel filter clog. The question becomes is this sediment in the tank, or getting added with the gas, or is foul play involved? Carry an extra filter and learn how to change it would be my advice for now, and hope it is the end of the troubles.

Carrying a replacement and learning how to change it is mprobably my best bet. I need to find someone who can show me how to do that, but even if I pay a mechanic for an hour’s time it would be less than the cost to replce one filter. I have a locking gas cap, not likely foul play, which I have experienced before. Thanks

Get a repair manual, or at least look at one in the library and learn how. It may well turn out far easier than trying to find a mechanic some dark and stormy night.

Note: If you are using questionable fuel (discount dealer or a low volume dealer) you may be getting bad fuel. In the winter, even good fuel formulated for summer can cause the problem.

Since you seem to have repeats, I would consider the possibility that you may need to have the tank cleaned and maybe the in tank filter cleaned or replaced. You may have contaminates in the fuel tank that occasionally are getting mixed and pumped to the filter.