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Cleaning Engine Oil out of trunk

I drive a '97 toyota tercel and I keep a 5qt bottle of oil in my trunk in case I ever need to top off. Last night I opened the trunk and found it in a pool of grease. Is there any quick and inexpensive way of cleaning the oil out of the trunk?

Kitty litter, then paper towels with a citric cleaner.

Can you remove the trunk liner? Is it felt or cardboard? Either way it’s history. When you get down to bare metal, rags, and finally a rag moistened with mineral spirits which will dissolve the oil and clean it up.

OR: Drill a couple of 1" holes in the trunk bottom, being careful not to drill into anything below the trunk like your gas tank or spare tire, (there may be a rubber plug you can remove to provide a drain) and go to a DIY car wash and use the high-pressure washer to clean it out… You can buy 1" rubber plugs to fill the holes.

You should be able to find a replacement trunk liner at a salvage yard…