Diesel Engines

Why do diesel engines last considerably longer than their gasoline counterparts?

This was true years ago, when diesels’ stout construction (to handle the high compression ratios) resulted in durable machines. People also heard about the diesels in semis, which lasted for a very long time. I don’t think the current auto diesels have much of an edge. They require lots of added equipment to meet pollution requirements and to put out enough power. I looked under the hood of a Ford F-350, it looks like the inside of the space shuttle. Turbos, pipes, intercoolers, radiators - I can’t imagine that it’ll be more reliable than a regular gas V8.

Well potentially there are a number of reasons, like the fuel is really an oil. But in today’s world it is not really an issue when you are talking about car engines. There is little difference. Gas or Diesel engines can and should last the life of the car, usually about 300,000 miles IF they get the recommended maintenance and care.

Today's cars are really good and most any of them can last 300,000 miles, but few make it because of accidents, or lack of care.