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Diesel Engine LIFE Cycles

Why do Diesel Engines last longer between overhauls?

Well they operate at much lower rpm’s than an equivalent gas engine for one. Then there’s the diesel fuel itself which lubricates better than gasoline. There’s lots of reasons but those are two simple and major ones.

A. Because the Diesel Fuel helps to keep the rings lubricated, better?
B. Because light weight oils lubricate better than heavy weight oils? (i.e. 10W40)
C. Because vegetable oil, like diesel oil, will make engines last longer, too?
D. Because Diesels were designed to run on Peanut Oil?
E. None of the above.

Another reason is that, due to how diesel engines operate, they are constructed much more durably than their gas counterparts. The forces generated by the compression ignition of a diesel’s operation are much higher than that of gas engines, and so the engine block, the crankshaft, pistons, bearings, rods, etc. all have to be manufactured to tolerate those forces. Thus you naturally have an engine that is more durable (and a whole lot heavier) than a comparably sized gasoline engine.

This applies mainly to large truck Diesels. Automotive Diesels aren’t quite as robust, although most modern ones will outlast their gasoline cousins.

Why are you limiting it to only those responses.

It is a conspiracy perpetrated by The Man! I figured that is the only explanation you would accept.

Diesels were designed to run on peanut oil? Really? I’m gonna go buy stock in Jimmy Carter’s farm cooperative!!!

Actually, Rudolph Diesel designed his first diesel engine to run on Coal dust!
But, it blew-up and almost killed him; so, he changed his fuel calculations.
Sugar dust, Flour dust, etc. have been known to explode and destroy entire factories.
So, why are dumb Americans so Gung-Ho about oil!

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It may be a conspiracy to keep the reasons secret!
But, eventually, Mazda will develop a rotary diesel to make their seals last longer, and it should be more efficient!

NOT LIMITED! Just trying to test your engineering knowledge.

Actually, most design engineers know how long their parts will last,
and some are intentionally designed to wear-out in about 1000 hours,
which at 60 mph is about 60,000 miles.

So throw your car away, if its starts breaking-down!

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Please tell us what qualifies YOU to test anyone’s engineering knowlege!

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